Advance Fire Fighting Course (Ref)

Advance Fire Fighting Course (Ref)

the course has been designed to assist the officers ad crew those are in possession of the STCW 1995 Advanced fire fighting Course of 05 duration. the objectiveof the course is to familiarize the participants on the new syllabus included as per 2010 convention. The STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (refresher) courses duration is 7 hrs (One day) only. The AFF(Ref) course also known as STCW 2010 AFF(R) 2010 courses.

Eligibility Criteria :

1.) The applicant had completed/possession of a Advanced Fire Fighting course certificate attended in a DG shipping approved maritime institute .

2.) Age no bar.

3.) INDOS No. is mandatory. No certificate are issued without INDOS No.

Document Required

1.) STCW-95 course certificate w.r.t course applied.

2.) INDOS No. photo copy.

3.) 2 passport size photographs

4.) Copy of passport, CDC, COC (if held).