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Admission Notices

Sr. No.. Title Description Published Date Action
1 SIMS Circular No 11 of 2024 Commencement of registration for admission in Pre Sea GP Rating course scheduled from 01.01.2024 23-Feb-2024 Download
2 SIMS Circular no 59 of 2023 Re counseling for left over student GP Rating Jan 2023 course regarding 23-Dec-2023 Download
3 SIMS Circular 50 of 2023 Counseling procedure GP Rating Jan 2024 23-Nov-2023 Download
4 SIMS Circular No 41 of 2023 Revised course fees GP rating January 2024 course 07-Oct-2023 Download
5 Admissions in Pre sea course Commencement of registraion in Pre Sea GP Rating January 2024 course 30-Jul-2023 Download
6 DNS lgd to BSc {App} Nautical Science- Admission 2023 course List of students registered for course 28-Jul-2023 Download
7 GP Admission July-Dec 2023 course Student list admitted in GP July 2023 course 14-Jul-2023 Download
8 Pre sea GP rating course -July 2023 Recall of waited list candidates for counselling 25-Jun-2023 Download
9 Admission Pre sea GP Rating July 2023 Student not attended counselling on due dates 23-Jun-2023 Download
10 DNS Admission Aug 2023 in Sriram Inst. of Marine Studies Delhi DNS Admission Aug 2023 in Sriram Inst. of Marine Studies Delhi 19-Jun-2023 Download
12 Admission in 1 yr Pre Sea course Diploma in nautical Science ldg to BSc {Applied} nautical Science August 2023 course DNS August 2023 admission 25-Apr-2023 Download
13 DNS admisison advertisement DNS admission in DNS August 2023 course 25-Apr-2023 Download
14 GP Admission July 2023 11-Mar-2023 Download
15 Completion of GP January 2023 admissions 16-Jan-2023 Download
16 Counselling programme GP Rating JANUARY 2023 14-Dec-2022 Download
17 Admissions Pre sea GP Rating January 2023 course Admission procedure to be dopted by student for admission in SIMS Delhi 01-Sep-2022 Download
18 GP Admission July 2022 List of students admission cancelled as requested. 17-Jun-2022 Download
19 GP Admission July 2022 List f DG shipping approved Doctors in delhi- 01-Jun-2022 Download
20 GP Admission July 2022 Student list for counselling on 22.06.2022 01-Jun-2022 Download
21 GP Admission July 2022 student list for counselling on 21.06.2022 GP July 2022 01-Jun-2022 Download
22 GP Admission July 2022 counselling GP 1 July 2022 course 01-Jun-2022 Download
23 GP Admission July 2022 Counselling process GP July 2022 01-Jun-2022 Download
24 GP Admission July 2022 Seat allotment letter GP Rating 01-Jun-2022 Download
25 GP Admission July 2022 submission of family /guardian informaton 01-Jun-2022 Download
26 GP Admission Jul 2022 List of documents submitted by a student time of cousnelling 01-Jun-2022 Download
27 GP Admission Jul 2022 information on eligibility criteria for admission 01-Jun-2022 Download

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