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Refund Policy – Sriram Institute of Marine Studies

Pre Sea Course: Participants are to deposit their fees in full prior to commencement of the training. No any kind type of request for withdrawal from the course shall be accepted by the institute Management, however medically unfit, student shall be refunds in full provided they should not attend any class. All candidates are advised to submit their fees only after obtaining a Medical Fitness Certificate by a DG Shipping approved doctor.

No refunds will be made on attending a class even for a day or a hour. Wait listed students shall be refunds in full or the admission may carried forward for the next course on their written request subject to strictly as per the norms and guidelines of the DG Shipping, Govt. of India in force on meeting eligibility criteria only..

STCW & associated Course: Participants attending/booking STCW basic, Advanced, Competency or Pre Sea courses to kindly note that the institute will charge/deduct 20% of the total course fees in case of any booking/course cancelation is requested for any reasons. Such Requests to be addressed to the account department through e mail: stating the contact no, bank details and reasons for cancellation. All request kindly be submitted to the Exe Bookings. Payments made through bankers/RETGs/net banking/NEFTs etc. are to be produced in hard copy for the records and expedite the refunds.

Document required for refunds:

  • {a} Cancelled cheque of individual account.
  • {b} Receipt original- issued by institute
  • {c} Any letter/ Joining instructions if issued by institute
  • {d} Written Request in person or through e mail
{document at Sl a to c be sent through post in case request is through e mail.}

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