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Clothing for practical training courses :

This is for the information for our valuable seafarers that the basic and advanced courses students needs to undergo practical training at swimming pool and the fire mock ups. All are hereby informed to note that :
(a)  Bring your cleaned and ironed overall. (the institute provides overall at no
      cost)however it may not suit your size view of body structure or height.
(b) Bring your towel, extra pair of undergarments, bath soap.
(c)  Use the changing rooms assigned for male and females strictly.
(d)  Courses are mainly : Personal survival techniques
       refresher and updating of Personal Survival techniques
       Proficiency in survival craft and Rescue Boats.
       Refresher and updating of Proficiency in survival craft and Rescue Boats.
        Boiler suits/overall/ Dungree needed for 
       Basic Fire fighting (Fire Prevention & Fire fighting)
       Refresher and updating of FPFF
       Advanced fire fighting
       refresher and updating of Adv Fire Fighting

This information being shared view many representation are received as seafarers express that they are not informed or not aware of the above requirement . .