I Sh. _______________________________________   F/O Mr. ________________________________________,

Address: __________________________________________________________________, hereby undertakes

 I hereby declare that I have admitted my above named ward for (Course)------------- at  ‘Sriram Institute of Marine Studies’, I undertake and agree that neither my executors nor administrators or any other legal representative will make any claim against ‘Sriram Institute of Marine Studies’ or against any person in the service of the Institute in respect of any loss or injury to the property or person including injury resulting in death which he may suffer while undergoing training at ‘Sriram Institute of Marine Studies’ I understand and agree that no compensation will be paid by the institute or by any officer or employee of ‘Sriram Institute of Marine Studies’. I am undergoing the training voluntarily and also:

 (a)  As per the orders of DGS, Govt. of India, minimum 90% attendance is compulsory to appear the Final Examination so shall not be permitted to proceed on leave during the training period.

 (b) If my ward unable to perform minimum standard of training i.e scores less than 40% marks in inhouse (Internal, Unit & review test and Midterm) may not be permitted to attend All India Exit Exam.

 (c)  He will not consume of Alcohol, drugs and no smoking in any form if he involved in such be punished severely including withdrawal or suspended/ restricted. No refunds including security deposit will be asked.

 (d) In case of my son found absent in any training classes (Theory, practicals, games, any muster or place of duty) be fined warned. If he does not improve, inactive he should be penalized including withdrawal from the course.

 (e) Mobile/Cellular phones, gold jewelers, laptops, disc players, knives, motor bikes, tool kits etc. are not permitted to use in institute .Any violation of institute rules by the trainee shall be severely dealt with.

 (f) In case, by any reason if my ward desert the institute knowingly or unknowingly or involved in shall be treated seriously including as permanent withdrawal from the course. 

 (g) No leave of any kind, type or emergency will be granted to the candidate.

 (h)   I am satisfied and admitting my son satisfies in course. The institute is not responsible for any re-payments if paid to any agents, tailor or vendor for clothing, medicals etc. by me

 (i)   If I am unable to pay my course fees in time, I shall pay the remaining fees including interest @ 12% P/A.

 (j)   I also authorize the institute authorities to deduct any kind of fine, breakage, loss to institute properties from the security deposit.

 (k)    My son shall not involve in any kind of ragging or similar activities as we are aware that it is criminal offence and may lead to his permanent withdrawal from the course with no prior notice and no any kind of fees will be refunded.



Signature of Deponent